The Second Bounce of the Ball


Sir Ronald Cohen published The Second Bounce of the Ball: Turning Risk into Opportunity in 2007. A non-fiction book about entrepreneurship, the book uncovers what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. The Second Bounce of the Ball offers biographical anecdotes and stories from Sir Ronald’s pioneering work in founding Apax Partners and growing the firm to a multi-billion dollar business.

Skilful sportsmen can divine where the second bounce of a ball will occur. So it is in business. Everyone can see where the current growth area is. The trick is to spot where the next opportunity will be. The metaphor chosen as the title and theme for this distillation of the wisdom of venture capitalist Sir Ronald Cohen is precise, intelligent and apt. So is his book, written with help from professional author Terry Illott.

Jonathan Guthrie, Financial Times, November 11, 2007


Sir Ronald is now authoring his second book.


This book will explore the emerging and inescapable “Impact Revolution” - the trend of government, philanthropy, investors, entrepreneurs, and corporations making decisions based on impact to be achieved, not just on risk and return.

"Today, we realize that governments and philanthropists alone cannot possibly cope with the challenge of social and environmental issues. OECD governments are spending about 20pc of GDP, more than $10 trillion, on social issues, about double the percentage they spent in 1960. They are constrained in spending more, yet social issues continue to proliferate. Governments are starting to realize that they do not have the resources or the ability to provide a solution. Philanthropists across the world donate some $500 billion a year. Generous as they are, and for all the good they certainly do, their donations cannot bring the solution either.

So we, here, find ourselves innovating through the creation of impact investment, leading an evolution in thought and a revolution in means, to bring about the historic shift that is needed. The Impact Revolution we lead promises to be as far-reaching in disruptive innovation as the Hi-Tech one before it, which has transformed our lives completely in just three decades."

Sir Ronald’s Opening Remarks at the 2017 GSG Impact Summit in Chicago